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Perhaps you've landed a big project or that you've taken on a role that is stretching you. When things get tough and you start to struggle, acknowledge it and ground yourself. You are most likely at a moment of personal growth.
  • 1. Stop and take a moment for yourself.
    Maybe it's a walk on the beach or a stroll around the block. Step out of where you are and go to a place of calm… at least for a few hours. Can you solve what is before you? If an answer doesn't come immediately, that's ok. Keep asking.
  • 2. Check in with yourself.
    Go to your core and really think about who you are and what you're good at. Hell, even think about what you're not good at. But think about what it means to be you and understand what you bring to this world. Acknowledge it and embrace it.
  • 3. Know that you can do whatever you set out to do.
    Seriously, a lot of people think something is beyond their reach when honestly they can usually achieve it if they just keep trying. You might just need to get a bit more practice. Find people who can help you with the challenge or blocker.
  • 4. Do something. Anything.
    Doing is always better than not doing. It's easy to come up with excuses. So yes, maybe you won't be the best at it but keep at it and practice. Find others who want to practice with you. Do.
At the end of the day you answer to yourself. When you set your mind to something, it shows and people respond. A lot of input can come your way. Grounding yourself will help you to tune into your essential self so that you can achieve what's before you.
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