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Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where there is no clear answer and guidance is lacking. If you're wanting to make progress but are unsure of next steps, realize that you can make it happen.
  • 1. Identify peers or another manager who can be your sounding board.
    Recruit others in your company (or externally if appropriate) as a support network to help you grow and learn. Offer them help in return as win/win is always ideal.
  • 2. Work through the challenges you face with your support network.
    Identify specific individuals for specific support and work with them. Employ your network to help you be successful in what you do.
  • 3. Push yourself to go that extra mile and stretch your skills.
    Perhaps you can help one of the peers or managers you've recruited with something that they are finding to be a challenge. Work with them at their level and push yourself to go further.
Life is too short to waste time or give in to being unsure. You always have a choice and by not doing anything about it, you let indecision make the choice for you. Pushing yourself will help you grow and build your network.
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