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Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where support from your team, manager or others may be partial in nature. When found in this situation, decide if you feel up for the challenge this presents and put a plan in place.
  • 1. Decide if you feel up to the challenge this presents.
    If the answer is no, figure out where else you can move within the company or investigate moving on.
  • 2. Plan a way forward.
    Figure out how to get ahead of the unpredictable nature of the situation so you can maintain control while also keeping those who need to be informed up to date.
  • 3. Be proactive and drive forward.
    Make sure your everyone who needs to know stays informed while you figure out what needs to get done. Make progress and ensure everyone is aware so that there are no surprises for them.
It is important to understand this type of situation so that it doesn't block you. Otherwise, you let the nature of someone else's availability get in the way of your personal growth.
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